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top chef david

Since the tender age of Nine, Chef David has been passionate about cooking. David’s childhood was filled with grand memories of helping his mother and grandmother in their kitchen; and learning to make cakes was his favorite.  When asked about what influenced him at such a young age, David says it was watching the beloved late 70’s TV series "The love boat" and that he always dreamt of working on a large cruise boat.


Seeking the path to fulfill his culinary dreams, David obtained a professional baccalaureate degree in gastronomic cooking from LTP Saint Joseph L’Amandier, and Académie Nationale de Cuisine; followed by interning at the best five-starred restaurants in Europe.With his diplomas in hand, David headed to the south of England for the winter season then spent one year in Canada before finally cooking on a luxury yacht, finally realizing his dream. Continuing his journey, David worked in Abu Dhabi where he officiated two years as chef of the French restaurant Méridien in Abu Dhabi. After working in the United Arab Emirates, David concluded his international experience in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for two years. Traveling Back to France, David became 1st Sous Chef at the Concorde-Lafayette Hotel in Paris. While there, in 2010,


M6's production of ‘Top Chef’ contacted David to find out if he was interested in the program, at first he declined, then with more thought, David seized the opportunity to be on ‘Top Chef’ to make himself known. David made it to the Semifinals securing his place in the culinary world. Immediately after, David worked in a large four-star Parisian establishment as chef "Le Relais De La Malmaison", and then joined the Princes restaurant at Porte de Saint Cloud. For more than two years, he took the reins of a restaurant at the top of the Champs Elysées, the "Drugstore Publicis"; leader of a team of more than thirty chefs.After the summer of 2014, David opens his first restaurant in a Belgium hotel called "LAFARQUES". The establishment has a very interesting history in the region of Liège, and formerly had 2 Michelin stars.

David moved to the United States in 2016, and after working in Los Angeles. The Chef made his way to Lavender Bistrot in La Quinta for 2 seasons.

At the beginning of the year 2019, David returns to LA, to prime the position of executive chef for the french general consulat in Beverly Hills. Now David is working for Vanderpump restaurant in hotel Paris (Las Vegas) as executive chef.

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